Next computerised Cooperative society may be yours!


for Employees Credit Co-operative Society

unlimited employees | Single PC


  • Easier to start with Existing Financial Reports
  • Administrative Panel
  • User/Clerk login Panel
  • Year Begin, Year End, Month Begin, Month End, Day Begin, Day End
  • Manage upto 2 Loan Schemes with in-detail configuration yourself!
  • Manage Members - Nominee, PAN, AADHAR, Basic Salary
  • Manage Masters for - Shares, Monthly Deposits, Fixed Deposits, Initial Entry Numbers
  • Shares, Monthly Deposits, Fixed Deposits
  • Welfare and Life Insurance Deductions
  • Employee Category-wise Easy Bulk Monthly Deductions
  • Manual Recovery
  • Cashbook, Income, Expenses, Journal Entries, Reverse Entry
  • Member Receipts: View History and Printing
  • Share Certificates
  • FDRs
  • General Ledgers
  • Monthly Financial Reports: Trial Balance, Profit Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Debtors Creditors List
  • Above Mentioned Financial Reports in English and Marathi Language (can be customized in more languages as per client's need)
  • Statements for Members: Shares, Deposits, Loan Account Statement
  • Available for all Popular Operating System platforms




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