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For Post Office RD Agents (DOP Agent) across India

Post Office MPKBY Agent Software
Agentricks Lite
150 RD Accounts Limit
Single Agency Linking
Max. One Agency
Renews Yearly
Collection Feature
DC or NDC lots Feature
Monthly Plans Available
Agentricks Biz
40/DOP ID/month
Unlimited RD Accounts
Unlimited Agency Linking
Minimum 5 Agency Linking
Renews Monthly Only
No Collection Feature
No DC or NDC lots Feature
Best for Service Providers


Secure login using username and password.
Directly download accounts data from portal using your DOP credentials within a minute or two.
Auto Upload lots/schedules to portal.
Auto Download lots/schedules from portal on a mouse click or two.
Manual upload lots: if portal is down, you can prepare lots to submit later.
All DOP portal interactions only after user's authorisation.
Collection by Account holder name
Advance Collection
Collection & Deposit by Cash/Cheque option
Direct deposit then receive from customer to save default fees. (Udhar)
Prevents duplicate collection entries and prompts when user really wants to perform additional one.
Before & After 15th Slot-wise Accounts Report
Slot-wise collection pending report
Lumps & Cash denomination Report
Areawise Accounts Report
Monthly and yearly Commission and TDS report
All reports in Printable/PDF formats
Notifications for Matured accounts, Last Deposit Accounts, New Accounts
Tracks lists(schedules) that are created but not deposited to post office
Focus on Business intelligence, than automation. But both are covered.
Informative Dashboard
Progressive TDS & Commision calculations on Dashboard
Extend period of matured accounts.
Withdrawn Accounts information still remains in software in isolated area.
Detailed Lots deposited History
Accountwise Collection & Deposited history
Easy Backup utility
Your customer data and DOP portal password remains on your pc. We do not collect it.
Many other surprising features to check out in the software.
Revert, Modify and Resubmit lots very easily..
Accounts withdrawn from portal are automatically disabled.

Hello Post Office Agent, agentricks is developed for minimizing hassles of your agency operations and improve the day to day work. It not only automates essential tasks that require a lot of patience and time to perform, but also uses power of computing to analyse data and conclude some important aspects about your work and operations.

With agentricks it is easy to sync accounts between portal and software with a click or two. You can keep eye on new accounts, matured accounts - to take action with them to either withdraw or extend the period and accounts that are about to get matured - in order to stay in contact with customer regarding opening Savings accounts for process of withdrawls. Agentricks allows you to create lots by three different ways. Depending on your way of working, you can easily adopt with any of these methods. While it can upload unlimited number of lots in a single click, it can also download all uploaded lots also in a single click. You can optimize the downloaded lot's report in A4 size printable form in just a click.

As a first method of working, an agent can make collection entries first, then create the lots and submit them to portal with a click. In the second method, you as an agent can prepare lot first using direct deposit method and make collection entry of the account later when you actually receive RD amount from customer. As we know many of the agents take this risk in their monthly operations to save default fees of customers, Agentricks makes this possible while taking manipulated risk. It shows you progressive cash in hand, so you should make direct deposit entries of the amount that you actually have in hand and deposit them until cash in hand becomes zero. This method is beneficial for saving dues of accounts opened before 15th of the month. There is a seperate module for receiving amount of direct deposited accounts, which makes the flow easy. Direct deposit method can be used in combination with first method i.e. you can create a lot by partial amount from collection and partial amount by direct deposit method.

Please check the features section to know all the capabilities of Agentricks

Who can use Agentricks?

MPKBY Agents having optimum resources(hardware/printer) can install and use Agentricks right away. Since, we have to accept the fact that not every Agent is Computer Literate even in this age of Information Technology and not having the resources to get the things running. Many Agents still rely on third party service providers who assist them in preparing and submitting Lots to DOP Portal. Keeping the thing in mind we have introduced the Business Subscription of Agentricks in which Lots can be prepared directly using Direct deposit method or using previous month's e-Banking reference number bypassing the collection step. This approach reduces the time required and increases the ease of operations by providing more value to the Agent as well as assisting service providers.

Third Party Service Providers can simply login to their subscription management portal and add as many DOP IDs they want, by paying nominal subscription charges per DOP ID, which are far less than standard Subscription charges.

Supported Operating System Platforms

Windows 7/8/10

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