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An advanced RD Software for Post Office Agents

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We are noticing that new registrations are being done with a fake or dead email address. It's a kind request to new users that use only working email addresses that you regularly access to signup with Agentricks. You will get a verification OTP on your email address. If you miss the otp, your signup will fail, any further attempt to signup again will also result into failure. Because, we do not allow same DOP ID being linked with multiple email accounts. If you have came across this issue, contact our support team immediately. Press the whatsapp button at bottom right corner of the screen to start the chat.

Agentricks RD Software minimizes hassles of MPKBY Agent's monthly and day to day operations. Agentricks RD Software automates essential tasks that require a lot of patience and time to perform. It uses power of computing to analyse data. As a result provides some important aspects about your work operations. Agentricks runs on all versions of Windows from 7 to 11. Agentricks users get frequent performance and feature updates every month or two. Our Team hears users voice and developes solutions that pleases them satisfactorily.

It is easy to sync accounts between portal and software with just a click. It shows information about new accounts, matured accounts and accounts that are about to get matured, on dashboard. Major feature of this software is you can create lots by four different methods. Depending on your way of working, you can easily adopt with any of these methods. You can upload and download unlimited number of lots in a single click in your prefered file type.

Plans & Pricing

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Agentricks Lite
150 RD Accounts Limit
Single Agency Linking
Max. One Agency
Renews Yearly
Collection Feature
DC or NDC lots Feature
Monthly Plans Available
Agentricks Biz
₹4030/DOP ID/month
Unlimited RD Accounts
Unlimited Agency Linking
Minimum 5 Agency Linking
Renews Monthly Only
DC or NDC lots Feature
No Collection Feature
Best for Service Providers

Features & Benefits

Automatic captcha Detection that can be enabled and disabled by user anytime [experimental feature]
Send account balance details to customers through WhatsApp Desktop. (Win. 10 onwards)
Secure login using username and password.
Easily synchronise accounts data from portal using your DOP credentials within a minute or two.
Auto Upload n Download UNLIMITED lots/schedules
Manual upload lots: if portal is down, you can prepare lots to submit later.
Collection by Account holder name
Group Collection with Group Creation Master, supports one click bank details to all accounts in a group
Collection & Deposit by Cash/Cheque option
Direct deposit then receive from customer to save default fees. (Udhaar). Print report for direct deposited accounts.
Focus on Business intelligence, than automation. But both are covered.
Extensive ASLAAS number support. Automatically get all ASLAAS numbers from portal. One click submit new ALSAAS to portal.
One click Download Schedules in XLS/PDF. Multiple Template options for Excel Format.
Prevents duplicate collection and deposit entries and prompts when user really wants to perform additional one.
Before & After 15th Slot-wise Accounts Report
Slot-wise collection pending report
Lumps & Cash denomination Report
Areawise Accounts Report
Monthly and yearly Commission and TDS report
All reports in Printable/PDF formats
Notifications for Matured accounts, Last Deposit Accounts, New Accounts
Tracks lists(schedules) that are created but not deposited to post office
Send WhatsApp Notifications for Account Status and Amt Deposited to accunt holders
Works with Captcha
Informative Dashboard
Progressive TDS & Commision calculations on Dashboard
Extend period of matured accounts.
Withdrawn Accounts information still remains in software in isolated area.
Detailed Lots deposited History
Accountwise Collection & Deposited history
Easy Backup utility
Your customer data and DOP portal password remains on your pc. We do not collect it.
Delete, Revert, Modify and Resubmit lots very easily..
Accounts withdrawn from portal are automatically disabled.
Automatic Payin Slips in Both old and new Formats, with counterfoil without counter foil, with multiple preferences.


So many useful things, so many features like Direct Deposit, Intelligent Collections feature. I can use whatever is suitable for me. Finally, what I got is the growth, that I was always looking for. I would recommend Agentricks for every Post Office Agent in India

S. S. Salunke Agentricks User, Maharashtra

You wouldn't believe it, but since I am using this software, My yearly growth is more than 25%. This is not less than magic for me. It's worth the price.

Shobha Ambadas Agentricks User, Maharashtra

Agentricks made my agency related problems just dissapear. I can confidently focus on my daily work now. Sending account balance to customer via whatsapp desktop is amazing.

Sandhya P Agentricks User, Uttar Pradesh

I help agents to prepare schedules, I found so many strong and Unique features that I didn't find in any other post office software.

Kailash Thakur Agentricks Biz User, Chhatishgarh

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Supported Operating System Platforms

Windows 7/8/10/11

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Agentricks?

If you have optimum resources(PC/Laptop and Printer) can install and use Agentricks right away. But we know that not every Agent is Computer Literate even in this age of Information Technology.  Many of them are not having the resources to get the things running. Hence, many agents still rely on third party service providers. These service providers assist an agent in preparing and submitting Lots to DOP Portal. Hence, we have introduced the Business Subscription of Agentricks.

Using business subscription, you can prepare lots using Direct deposit method.  You can also use previous month's e-Banking reference number bypassing the collection step. This approach reduces the time required to prepare account selection. Also, it increases the ease of operations. In this way, we provide more value to the Agent as well as assisting service providers.

Third Party Service Providers need to login to their subscription management portal. Then they can add as many DOP IDs they want. They just have to pay nominal subscription charges per DOP ID.  These charges are far less than standard Subscription charges. Hence we help running a sustainable business.

What are the ways of preparing Lots in Agentricks?

1. From Collection: First method is to make collection entries. You can then create unlimited lots and submit them to portal with a click.

2. Direct Deposit (Udhaar): In the second method, you as an agent can prepare lot first using direct deposit method and make collection entry of the account later when you actually receive RD amount from customer. As we know many of the agents take this risk in their monthly operations to save default fees of customers.  Agentricks makes this possible while allowing you to take a manipulated risk. You can use this  method is to save dues of accounts opened before 15th of the month.

3. From previous month Lot: If you prefer to create lot from previous month's lot, you are covered. Just enter the previous month e-banking reference number to clone previous month's lot. And prepare the entire lot in a few seconds only.

4. Short Codes: If you prefer to create lot using short codes, still you are covered. Just enter the short code of the rd account and finish preparing lot in seconds.

There is a seperate module for receiving amount of direct deposited accounts. This module makes the workflow easier. You can also create a lot in combination also. Partial amount from collection and partial amount by direct deposit method can also be deposited.

How to Register/Subscribe?

You have to first signup to Agentricks providing an email that actually exists. Because, you will get the download option in My Agentricks Dashboard. Fill in the Registration form correctly and submit it. When you get success message, login to My Agentricks and download the latest versio nof Agentricks RD Software. Installing it is just matter of minutes. Once you launch it first time, login using your My Agentricks credentals, you will come across Initial Setup Wizard that helps you easily configure your Agency in Agentricks RD Software.

What is the Getting Started wizard for?

When you login to Agentricks for First time, Agentricks shows you getting started Wizard to configure your Agency and DOP Credentials. You have to provide your DOP Portal Password and click on submit. Then perform the Test login to make sure that it works correctly. Enter captcha code as shown on screen when prompted. Once you see password expiry details on screen, you good to go to the second screen of wizard by clicking on next. Now press on Sync Now Button, and Agentricks will synchronise all the RD Accounts linked your Agency and load for offline usage on your system. Once the second step is complete, you are ready to work with Agentricks.

Does Agentricks work with Ubuntu/Debian?

After two years of continous updates for Ubuntu/Debian, we decided to stop releasing Linux builds due to lack of User interest. Hence, support for Ubuntu and Debian is stopped currently.

What are different methods of preparing lots?

In Agentricks, you can prepare lots in four different methods. 1. From Collection, 2. Direct Deposit (Udhaar), 3. From Previous month Lot. 4. Short Codes A lot/schedule can be prepared with combination of these methods.

Can we revert a schedule/a lot to make changes and resubmit?

Yes, you can revert a submitted lot to make changes, drop unwanted acccount(s), add desired account(s) and simply resubmit it.

Can we make Udhaar entries for the RD Installments?

Yes, you can make udhaar entries in Agentricks. You can deposit first to Post Office and then receive it from Customers. This feature can be availed via Direct Deposit section. To receive an Udhaar installment, you need to simply attempt to make regular collection entry, if you have already deposited installment for selected RD Account, a pop up will appear that will help you receive amount of respective customer.

Does it support multi-device?

Yes, Agentricks can be used to work on multiple devices not necessarily in same Local Area Network. Same data will be shared across devices, this minimizes your hessles of taking backups and transafering data on distant system (eg.Home Laptop and office Laptop). Our technical support team will help you in achieving this.

Does it support multi-user?

Yes, Agentricks supports multi-user subscriptions. You can use your credentials to login to subscription management panel (My Agentricks). And place request for additional DOP IDs. Make sure you have purchased relevant plans before you submit additional DOP ID request. Still not sure? just start chat to get clarity.

How to get help for Agentricks?

To get remote support, you have to download AnyDesk remote support tool. And ask our support team to connect to anydesk, by providing your AnyDesk ID.