Account Synchronization in Agentricks RD Software explained

Agentricks RD Software comes with account synchronization feature that automatically fetches accounts and ASLAAS numbers from DOP portal to local database, on behalf of agent. Using the local data, agent can work on latest accounts data. To make sure that there is always latest data available offline, user should perform account synchronization once in 24 … Read more

Agentricks Multiuser Post Office Software for Business

Assisting Service Providers in India use Agentricks Post Office Software for Business. In Agentricks for business subscription, all the standard subscription features are available except collection entry and account group management feature. Agentricks is very user friendly when an Agent uses to prepare lots. If you are an Agent and do not have enough resources … Read more

5 methods of Preparing Lots in Agentricks Post Office Software

This article covers five methods of Preparing lots in Agentricks DOP Software/Agentricks RD Software for Post Office Agents of India. Agentricks DOP Software synchronises accounts between post office portal and software with a click or two. User can easily manage new accounts, matured accounts and accounts that are about to get matured. Agentricks allows you … Read more

Agentricks DOP Agent Software –¬†Initial Wizard

Getting Started with Agentricks DOP Agent Software for first time use. This article assumes that you have logged in to Agentricks DOP Agent Software using your login credentials chosen at the time of registration. On first launch, the Initial Setup Wizard helps you setup Agentricks DOP Agent Software by performing a few settings to get … Read more

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