Agentricks Multiuser Post Office Software for Business

Assisting Service Providers in India use Agentricks Post Office Software for Business. In Agentricks for business subscription, all the standard subscription features are available except collection entry and account group management feature.

Agentricks is very user friendly when an Agent uses to prepare lots. If you are an Agent and do not have enough resources to do your own. You can still get benefited with Agentricks. Your Assisting Service Provider can use Agentricks Post Office Agent Software to prepare lots for you conveniently. 

To get started with using Agentricks Multiuser for Business, Assisting Service Providers need to first Register using one of  the Agents they are serving. By default 30 days Trial period gets activated for selected DOP ID. What You need to do is, just setup this Agency in Agentricks using Getting Started Wizard. Once you are setup, you can evaluate Agentricks or simply move to adding additional DOP IDs. In order to buy the subscription, you need to use “Buy/Renew” button at bottom side of Agentricks Login Screen. Depending on number of participants you are paying for, Agents Limit will be allotted and subscription will be activated as soon as payment is confirmed.

How to get Agentricks Business Subscription?

The signing up process for Agentricks Multiuser for business is same as standard plan. Complete the sign up process for first Agent. Then login to My Agentricks and buy a Biz plan for intended number of Agents. Plans start from minimum 5 Agents @ only ₹30 with taxes paid, at the time of writing this article. Agentricks Post Office Software Support team will increase capacity of your account in a few minutes and you will be able to add additional agents to your account. Once you add all agents, support team will authorize. And you are ready to go!!!

Switching in between Agencies (DOP IDs)

For every Agent’s DOP ID in multiuser login, you need to configure Initial Setup Wizard Separately. You can hot-switch between Agencies using with just a click. There is no need of restarting software.

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