Agentricks DOP Agent Software – Initial Wizard

Getting Started with Agentricks DOP Agent Software for first time use.

This article assumes that you have logged in to Agentricks DOP Agent Software using your login credentials chosen at the time of registration. On first launch, the Initial Setup Wizard helps you setup Agentricks DOP Agent Software by performing a few settings to get started with it.

1. Enter DOP Portal Password

First thing you will have noticed is that Agentricks now knows your DOP login ID. What you need to do now is enter your DOP Portal Password. Enter your DOP portal Password in the password field provided. You can verify that you have typed it correctly using the ‘eye‘ button. Finally, click on ‘Submit‘ button. Congratulations! your password is saved and will be remembered by Agentricks. There is no need to enter it again and again. Now, it is the time to test the login.

2. Test Login

Press the ‘Test Login‘ button to help Agentricks make sure that the password entered works or not. Once it’s pressed, it will prompt you to enter captcha-code details. On entered correct captcha, you will get the password expiry details and last login info from portal in just a few seconds. Now Agentricks will be able to remind you of the number of days remaining for the password to get expired. This statistics will be available on bottom side of the Main Menu.

Agenticks makes it easy for you to open the DOP Portal to change your DOP password in future, when it is about to get expired by clicking on ‘Open Browser‘ button. Remember to update the new password in Agentricks as well, using the same procedure mentioned above. Finally, click on ‘Next‘ button.

3. Sync Accounts

If you have successfully completed all the steps above, you are all set to sync accounts from your DOP Account and make them available to work offline. You can also automatically get the ASLAAS card details from portal. If you wish to get them select the respective checkbox.

Once it’s done, click on ‘Sync now‘ button and seat back for a minute or two. Agentricks will fetch the accounts from portal for you, and make available offline. You need a stable internet connection to sync accounts not essentially a fast one. Once the two step sync operation gets completed, just click on ‘Next‘ button. Finally, click on ‘Finish‘.

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