5 methods of Preparing Lots in Agentricks Post Office Software

This article covers five methods of Preparing lots in Agentricks DOP Software/Agentricks RD Software for Post Office Agents of India.

Agentricks DOP Software synchronises accounts between post office portal and software with a click or two. User can easily manage new accounts, matured accounts and accounts that are about to get matured. Agentricks allows you to create lots by five different ways. Depending on your way of working, you can easily adopt with any of these methods.

While it can upload unlimited number of lots in a single click, it can also download all uploaded lots also in a single click. You can optimize the downloaded lot’s report in A4 size printable form in just a click.

1. From Collection

As a first method of working, an agent can make collection entries first, then create the lots and submit them to portal with a click.

2. Direct Deposit

In the second method, you can prepare lot first using direct deposit and make collection entry of the account later, when you actually receive RD amount from customer. As we know that many of the agents use this way in their monthly operations to save default fees of rd customers, Agentricks post office software makes this possible allowing you to take a manipulated risk.

It shows you progressive cash in hand, so you should make direct deposit entries of the amount that you actually have in hand.

This method is beneficial for saving dues of accounts opened before 15th of the month.

There is a separate module for receiving amount of direct deposited accounts, which makes the flow very easy and accurate. Users can use direct deposit method in combination with regular collection first method. In other words, you can create a lot/schedule by partial amount from collection and partial amount by direct deposit method.

3. From Previous Lot

As we know that not everybody is computer literate. Third party service providers still help agents to prepare lot/schedule. In the third method, Agentricks has an amazing feature to prepare a lot in a click using previous month’s e-Banking reference number. This feature empowers agents as well as third party service providers by minimising the difficulties in providing inputs to prepare lot. Yes, a third party service provider can also use Agentricks’s Multi-User subscription to get the work done by saving huge time required in interacting with portal and grow their business by charging their regular fees to prepare a lot. Third party agencies can opt for a multi-user subscription and manage all of their clients within Agentricks Post Office Software.

4. Import Accounts from Clipboard

This method work only if you have a previous lot downloaded as an excel sheet. What you have to do is copy account nos (only account nos from account numbers column -> first account to last account -> from that excel sheet). Navigate to Agentricks, Click on Create Lots, Then Click on Prev Lot Tab. On the table below, right click and select import from clipboard. Agentricks Software will import all the accounts from respective lots and respective account details automatically. Rest of the part is same as method 3.

5. Short Codes

If you have a previous experience of working with short codes from some other Post Office Agent Software. You can easily migrate to Agentricks and maintain the same feel of easily preparing lots with short codes. If you are Starting afresh, Short codes will be generated automatically while fetching accounts from portal first time.

If you are already using Agentricks from a long time. And want to use short codes feature. Then, just open Manage Accounts, And click on Short Codes Button from Top Navigation bar. Enter your preferred starting Short Code that you wish to be assigned to first RD account. Then click on Auto-fill Short Codes Button. Click on save changes. And you are good to use short codes.

This short codes report can be printed or converted to PDF.

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